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COPA Soccer Training Center utilizes advanced technology and sports science to offer a unique, objective, data-driven approach to training. Each area of their 110,000 square foot facilities is designed to enhance the cognitive, physical, and technical development of athletes. They are dedicated to improving traditional training with innovation — taking the game to the next level.

The Challenge

Pre Opening

  • COPA STC needed a custom back-office solution for their business and Members Portal.

  • As their business was growing rapidly, they needed a solution to support the grand opening of their innovative 110,000-square-foot facility.

  • They only had 3 months to get these things done!

Post Opening

After successfully opening their facility, user feedback quickly began to flow in. This data needed to be applied to the tools developed ahead of the opening, achieving swift and ongoing evolution to meet COPA’s customer expectations.

“They helped us to create member portals with different gamification opportunities that also helped us monetize on a different level. We're extremely excited about WeDevelop.”
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General Manager, Soccer Training Center

The Solution

We worked alongside COPA’s stakeholders, general managers, accounting department, and all other areas to design and implement the software they needed in a 3-month window.

WeDevelop deployed their creative team, brainstorming the best ways to develop these solutions in a fast, iterative manner and deliver a functional version on schedule.

About Software Development Methodology

Meeting customers’ expectations in real life is not an easy task. First, software teams need time to design and iterate the basic user experience aspects for digital solutions. Next comes the development of small pieces of software, deployment, testing, and so on.

After a few months of development, a Minimal Viable Product is released, ready for user feedback. This feedback becomes part of the ongoing development and improvement strategy.

In the case of COPA STC, there was no time for that. Instead, they identified a need for this custom solution only 3 months before opening the doors of their extraordinary facility.

WeDevelop jumped right in when no other software company dared to do so. As a result, we helped COPA realize their vision — seeing athletes train in their top-notch facility.

The methodology we followed was a nice mix of Agile combined with a Lean mindset.

Every 2-week sprint, we deployed a very small but functional piece of software. In addition, we provided a small but highly talented cross-functional team on a sophisticated development cycle, allowing us to deliver consistently every couple of weeks.

As you can imagine, the first versions provided just the basic functionality COPA needed to operate their business. Release by release, the software grew and became a full facility management system, complete with auxiliary tools such as a touchless check-in system, data pipeline, and more.

Software delivered

  • Back-office

    A set of tools to enable COPA to operate its business through a branded platform, optimized for their business needs. A solution that can be iterated alongside the business model.

    • Class Scheduling

      Scheduling software for different practices and classes during the week, managing a complex schedule with multiple instructors, spaces, and time rotation.

    • Billing

      Billing management software, handling reporting, payments for memberships, one-time class passes, and other aspects.

    • Integration with GL Software

      Integration with 3rd party GL software for reporting and budgeting.

    • Membership Management

      Tools supporting subscription plans, features per memberships, benefits, and perks allow COPA to define its memberships according to their business needs and customers’ preferences.

  • Facility Tools

    Auxiliary solutions to support sophisticated facility operations.

    • Touchless Check-In System

      WeDevelop proposed a purely custom solution, providing a touchless verification check-in to streamline COPA’s process. This system aligns with the organization’s identity and COPA’s goal of being the most technologically advanced public training facility in the world open.

    • Wayfinding Maps

      Interactive wayfinding maps for the 110,000 square foot facility.

    • Data Pipeline

      We created a solid structure, delivering data from different training devices to a central database. This allowed COPA to extract actionable metrics and stats for its athletes.

  • Customers Portal

    A branded portal for a complete customer self-service experience.

    • Booking Classes

      Tools for customers to book, reschedule, or cancel classes.

    • Access to Memberships and one-time packages

      Navigation tools for COPA’s memberships and other packages, as well as sign-ups.

Usability Tests on-site

As COPA’s business grew, customer feedback became a high priority for everyone involved in the venture. WeDevelop conducted on-site usability testing to ensure the UI and UX of all interfaces were intuitive and easy-to-use, making the customer’s life easier.

This testing provided insights for improving our digital tools and resulted in highly valuable data for COPA’s business, facility, crew, and more.

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