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The smart way to have on board the best remote talent.

Nearshore outsourcing is a trending methodology adopted by many companies that sources the best tech professionals in Latin America. This methodology of remote talent-hiring has been around for several decades. From large to small businesses, executives opt for outsourcing to maximize their resources and trust their software development projects to expert hands.

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WeDevelop: The Key To Successful Nearshore Talent Sourcing

At WeDevelop, we are your trusted source of tech professionals in Latin America, offering the most competitive hiring conditions for developers and tailored solutions to companies.

Thanks to this improved outsourcing methodology, it's possible to bridge the gap between the most qualified candidates and organizations looking to optimize their team's performance

So, whether you have a one-time project or need a permanent team of developers, nearshore outsourcing is the go-to option for any smart and savvy business owner.Get to know how this sourcing methodology works.

The Next Frontier of Remote Talent Sourcing: Nearshore IT Staffing

The technology landscape has always been very dynamic with fast-paced development. In such a bustling scenario, with new technologies emerging regularly, companies need specialized professionals to get the best results.However, the process of recruiting, qualifying, screening, and hiring candidates on shore can be not only expensive but also long and cumbersome.

Executives don't want to lose time they could use on focusing on their business development, assembling teams, and testing whether they are the right fit or not. No matter the size of a company, nobody can afford to lose time and money.The most valuable assets for any business owner.

So, how can nearshore outsourcing help an organization thrive in today’s complex technology and economic landscape? This remote staffing approach may resemble the traditional offshore method utilized for decades all over the world. However, though both terms may seem interchangeable, the truth is they have significant differences.

Therefore, what's nearshore outsourcing? Simply put, it is the process of hiring tech talent in neighboring countries or within the same region of your company. IT staffing abroad can be challenging and mainly when it's offshore. Nearshore comes as a well-blended combination of on-shore and offshore methodologies. While on-shore reduces the talent pool availability and can be costly, nearshore and offshore options encompass lower costs with access to a larger selection of professionals.

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Reasons To Outsource Tech Talent Nearshore

Nearshore and offshore outsourcing, which is the best choice for your business? When it comes to cost efficiency, both are great options

However, don't be dazzled by the economic advantages of offshoring. The smartest choice comes from analyzing the core aspects of both IT talent sourcing methodologies.

If you only focus on saving money, you may end up paying a high price when the results arrive.

Therefore, before embarking on the daunting task of hiring tech professionals for your next project or getting on board a permanent hire, get the whole picture. As we mentioned, cutting costs is one of the main reasons companies outsource IT project developments.

And offshore presents lower prices than nearshore.

Nearshore Vs Offshore

Having a team of developers working within the same time zone of your company streamlines the communication and reduces cultural frictions with barely no language barriers

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Local Hire

Offshore Agencies

(India, Eastern Europe, Asia, etc)

Freelance Developers

CommunicationFluent / EasyFluent / EasyStrong accent / Poor grammarDepends on the freelancer
Hiring Time & Fees$$$$$$$
Failure RateVery LowLowHighVery High
Termination Fees-$$$$Depends on the agency-
Time Difference0 to 4Hs-4 to 12Hs0 to 12Hs
Pre-Vetted CandidatesMaybe
Time to Hire Developers0-3 weeks3-6 months1-4 weeks0-4 weeks

Sourcing TOP Performing Talent in Latin America

Latin America is home to some of the most talented tech professionals, and at WeDevelop, we help you dive and explore the options available.

We deliver bespoke solutions oriented to creating a perfect match between candidates and companies, helping both parties thrive.

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