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Providing a more enjoyable life for people and being the company everyone wants to work with.

We are WeDevelop, a cutting-edge IT Staff-augmentation and technology solution company committed to excellence. Since 2019, we have assembled a diverse and top-talented team of engineers from Latin America. WeDevelop excels at delivering Software Development Services and catering to clients’ needs, expertly scaling their tech teams, and delivering innovative projects with an agile mindset.

The WeDevelop Culture

Working at WeDevelop is a fulfilling experience. We foster collaboration among peers and respect everyone’s opinion, creating an inviting and creative work environment. As team members feel appreciated and valued, WeDevelop is the company everyone wants to work with.  We are always one step ahead of the game, ready to drive change in the right direction and lead companies to their next big step in their digital journeys.

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Meet Our CEO

Abel Osorio is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of WeDevelop. Passionate about the tech industry since a very young age and with 10+ years of experience in the field, Abel founded this company based on strong beliefs, a thirst for innovation, and impeccable work ethics. He envisioned the future of building productive and efficient teams that could change the meaning of innovation as we know it.

Relentless and resilient, Abel has set the ground rules and essence of his company, drawn upon adaptability, creativity, and insightfulness. He works closely with clients helping them achieve their goals by creating and scaling unique tech teams.

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Since 2019, we have connected top talented engineers with US tech projects.

WeDevelop takes pride in being a human-centered company that delivers outstanding results.

Our clients and staff are at the forefront of everything we do, guided by our values of transparency, collaboration, and team play.


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They're a well-round team, which is conducive to troubleshooting [and] having difficult conversations.

Rachel Aram

CEO, TrainWith

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